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Don't be scammed! Online casinos & betting online security. Be savvy!

Don't be scammed! Online casinos & betting online security. Be savvy!

Here at, we check to make sure that all the casinos and gambling platforms that we forward you too are legit!


The year 1994 witnessed the evolution of online casino gambling. This was the year when the first license was obtained in Antigua and Barbados for the casino gambling to be launched online. This online platform has enabled gambling to be more accessible than before, with players playing more games and winning real money. Chris Moneymaker, the famous gambler, had once remarkably won 10,000 dollars.  As a result, a lot of players started registering at different online gambling websites to try their luck. Thus, there has been a noticeable increase in the rate of online games participation and the numbers continue to increase each year.

What are the advantages of playing casino online

  1. Privacy

Because each player has a unique means of identification, the online casino gambling offers more privacy than the real casino. Individual identity is protected and secured. You only have your password to yourself. The only person who would know how much payout has been won or how much bet was played, would be the player sitting next to you.

  1. Less downtime

Unlike the real casino with much breaks for every new hand for the games, online casino games have no lag between the hands for each game. The animations can be turned off by the player for better concentration on the game being played.

  1. Convenience

The online casino game is convenient than the real casino as the game can be played from the comfort of your home as and when you like. With online casino gambling, more money could be saved, and less effort is involved; you don’t have to travel to a casino complex or pay extra money for the dinner or parking.

  1. Availability of better odds

One of the advantages of an online casino is its overhead costs, which is less than the mortar and brick casino. There are no bills to pay,  no extra expenses or employees for the online game. Thus, the payout returns structures for the online casino are far higher than the real casino. It is easier for the players to break-even their payout returns on a monthly basis.



  1. Safety

Many efforts have been directed to make casinos more accurate and transparent, yet there are still many scams. This is because of a handful of scammers that also operate online. Scammers prey on the advantage of the security offers by online casino games to dupe the players. Nevertheless, much is still going on to curtail this act.

  1. Payout timeframe

Unlike the real casino, payment can not be made immediately you win games. The electronic payment means that players will have to wait for days, sometimes weeks to collect their winnings.

  1. Technical Issues

Though they do not occur frequently, technical errors can occur at any time. These can include the general casino disconnections and machines malfunctioning. Sometimes, issues can arise when players are depositing money online.

  1. Documents Verification

For security reasons, it is required that a proof of identity or other means of identification be verified before a player is paid. This is to ensure that the player is certainly of the legal age required and the one who he claims to be as well.


How to play and gamble with less risk online

It is important for a player to understand some of the details of the online casino games before he plays. This is essential so as to gamble in the right way and avoid frauds or scams at all costs. Some of these details include:

  • The reliability and legitimacy of the online casino need to be researched. To avoid being scammed, it is advisable to check the real casino using the interactive gambling commission website.
  • For playing loyalty, a player is entitled to payable bonuses and incentives.
  • After winnings, a player should be able to receive his payouts as soon as possible. No excuses or stalling whatsoever in the payouts.


With online casino games, your money is secured and your time is saved.

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